Here are some more photos of the locations in Barbados that are mentioned in the book......

Now she was standing in this dark, dank dungeon, where some of those atrocities against humanity had taken place.

Suddenly the room started to come alive. Jasmine became aware of an intense, overwhelming feeling she had never experienced before. It crept up her spine and held her chest like a vice, restricting her breathing so that her lungs struggled for air.

Her ears hummed and popped as a rhythmic pounding grew inside her head. The shafts of light seemed to dance crazily across the floor and suddenly the drumming was joined by voices. At first humming, then chanting strange words, which she somehow knew were from a far- distant continent and had their roots in her innermost ancestral memory. They swirled into her consciousness from the darkest corners of the room, gradually rising into a crescendo of African heartbeat.