Floella Benjamin

Our dear spectacular Floella,

The glamorous Chancellor of Exeter

The woman who makes many to think and be tick

And the rescuer of many who might sink

‘Imagination’, said you, can make us get anything in life,

‘Imagination’, you said, can take us to greater heights

‘Yes, we can’

‘Yes, we can’

Your journey tells us we can

Your actions tell us we can

From Trinidad

You were a child, with a dream

And since then, a model to all

Even in House of Lords

The kids are happy, when they see Floella

The adults are happy, when they see Floella

‘Can’t we be like her?’

‘Yes, we can’

‘Can’t we summon courage and be our best in life?’

‘Yes, we can’

The success of a man

Or a woman

Is not determined

Or defined

Is not prescribed

Or proscribed

By the colour of their skin

Or the circumstances of their birth

But, by the sizes of their faith, hope and action

Think, believe, and act

And you will be like Floella Benjamin

ϖTunde Oseni,

Doctoral Student in Politics, Exeter University: 5 November, 2010