Floella Benjamin Productions have invested in cutting edge technology. They have their own digital wide screen cameras, non-linear editing suite, studios and digital sound recording equipment.




Floella Benjamin Productions do all their own design, prop making and animation. In this way they are able to maintain a high degree of control over their production costs.




Floella Benjamin Productions uses experienced writers, directors, producers and musicians. Floella Benjamin and Keith Taylor are both experienced and committed writers, directors and producers in their own right.





Floella’s Story Sack - 21 part radio series BBC 2008

Floella tells stories from around the world.

Hey Diddle Diddle - 44 part radio series for BBC 2007

Floella tells nursery rhymes and sing songs in her own special way.

When I Came to Britain - 4 part documentary 2004

A charming series of short films looking at the cultural differences Caribbean pioneers found when they arrived in Britain.

Coming to England - 3 part period drama 2003

RTS Education Award Winner

Commissioned by the BBC this is the adaptation of Floella Benjamin’s brilliant book which charts her journey from the Caribbean to England in the 60’s. The book is now used extensively in schools and universities to teach anti-racism, cultural studies and social history.

Statues and Monuments - 4 parts 2002

Prime time series for Carlton Television this series looks at the fascinating stories behind statues and monuments of London. Nelson Mandela, Peter the Great, Shackleton and William Hogarth are some of the subjects this series covers.

A Taste of Cuba - 8 parts 2001

A look at this fascinating island, its people, culture

architecture, wildlife and food.

Great British Picnics - 6 parts 2001

A look at various picnic ideas set in locations across

Britain from a ball in the Isle of Skye to horse trials in Berkshire to a beach party picnic in Cornwall.

Africa on a Plate - 13 parts 2001

An African cookery series that samples the delights of the diverse and wonderful cuisine from this vast continent This thirteen part programme investigates the local culinary delights of thirteen distinct African countries from the Ivory Coast to Tanzania.

A Taste of Barbados - 6 part cookery series for Carlton Food Network 2000

This is the first in a series about food in the Caribbean Islands. These six programmes concentrate on the beautiful island of Barbados and takes an in depth look at the island, it’s people and it’s history though it’s food.

ADC - What to Expect - Foreign & Commonwealth Office Video 2000

This motivational production for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides candidates for the Senior Management Structure of the FCO with invaluable information and guidance.

Caribbean Kitchen -13 part Caribbean cookery for Carlton Food Network 2000

Floella Benjamin investigates the wealth of Caribbean food on offer in the U.K.. She visits markets and supermarkets as well as looking at the wide variety of Caribbean restaurants and chefs across the country as well as a couple of fabulous chefs from the island of Barbados.

Caribbean Light - 13 part Caribbean cookery for Carlton Food Network 1998 -1999

Anton Edelmann, Maitre Chef des Cuisines at London’s world famous Savoy Hotel, co-presented this highly acclaimed Caribbean Cookery series with Floella Benjamin. They visited Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago where they Anton was introduced to the delights of Caribbean cuisine by Floella. This programme has sold in South Africa, Germany and the Middle East.

Jamboree - pre-school - 52 programmes for CITV 1998 -2000

This highly popular pre-school series is now in its third series and the fourth will appear on British screens in 2001. It incorporates all the elements of fun, adventure and play ,using up-to-the-minute style and technology.

Floella and the Bopkins (four lovable creatures) show young children how to learn in an entertaining way.

Hullaballoo - 26 part series for Channel Four 1994 -1995

Hullaballoo was a hugely successful pre-school programme for Channel Four and Dorling Kindersley.

It sold worldwide in 30 countries including USA,

Canada, Finland and was the winner of ‘Parents Choice Best Video’ - USA.

Party in a Box - Children’s entertainment video 1991

A special birthday video pack with party games, magic tricks and numerous kids ideas. It sold 20,000 copies.

Playabout - 130 programmes for BSB/ BSkyB 1990 - 1991

Hosted by a pair of hilarious puppet figures called Grandma and Grandad, this pre-school series contains all the traditional elements for young children to learn through entertainment. Every programme contains colours and numbers as well as stories and songs from around the world.

Once upon a time Tales - Children’s Video 1991

A delightful video containing such stories as Little Red Riding Hood, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Tales of Anansi and many others. These fairytale stories are magically acted out by a team of highly skilled actors who enchantingly bring these tales to life.

Treehouse - 13 programmes for Channel 4 1987 - 1989

A delightful series set in an imaginary tree house. In the corner of the tree house is a magnificent animatronic talking tree. A group of children visit the tree house every day to hear stories from Mr Tree, sing songs, play games and watch Tommy the Gnome make something from things that grow in the forest.